The "e3g Project"

Progetto e3g is a project aimed to the development of free software for Non Profit organizations. In fact, we think there are several analogies between Free Software and Non Profit organizations philosophy.

The acronym "e3g" stands for EquoGest + GestiGas (EGGG), two programs that we are developing now.

Equogest logo
Equogest is a managerial software thinked for Fair Trade Shops (in Europe they are called: World Shops). It has the same features of a common managerial software (billing, warehouse management, customers and suppliers management...) but is also Fair Trade.

GestiGAS logo
GestiGAS is a software for Solidarity based Purchasing Groups that allows users to manage orders, products and producers. It's very similar to a virtual shop but many of its functions are specific for the needs of Solidarity based Purchasing Groups.

Equogest and GestiGAS are developed using P4A - PHP for Applications.

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